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we're a little mad at the spring weather for flirting with us these past couple of days, but it was nice to feel real sun... we know west coasters, we sound pathetic. sad to say, we have some rain and a cold front coming in so what better way to keep our spirts high than a new playlist from lindsay. plus, its hump day so let's get ready to dance into the weekend. listen up because it's a good one!

> > >

i love music, more so than pretty much anything in my life so i am dropping more and more album recommendations, concert reviews and most importantly playlists through stories + IG in 2019! according to my story quiz this week, you all look to me for music inspo, and honestly, that couldn’t make me happier.

i grew up with heavy rock 'n' roll influence, leaving me to forever love classic dad rock. also, you can quote me on this, “the hippies were right.” it’s was generation i feel like i should have been a part of, one where i belong(ed). no phones, no ultra-consumerism, no internet, just wild clothes, peace, love + rock 'n' roll.

ironic right? as i sit here blogging and listening to Spotify for an IG post for my e-commerce brand.

my taste in music led me to years of bad “party girl” behavior, in which i am forever grateful for; the best memories, the wildest experiences + most importantly, the biggest source of inspiration to my creative career. my ears have heard it all. the girl with kaleidoscope eyes, is me. the girl who went to raves that began at 4am, me. the girl who went on a family vacation to Ibiza, me.

now, you can call me boring, but i still got an ear for talent and a soul that wants to forever hear more.

here are a few of my current “on-repeat” jams that you can listen to via Spotify:

CLICK for daytime chillin, workouts, crunch time @ work + late night hangs

CLICK for all-the-fucking-time listening... day, night, potential remixes, blunt rides, my man—James Blake’s new album 🖤

this is a bold statement to make in january/february, but this is my 2019 album of the year. track 2 “Mile High” with Travis Scott is the sexiest track of the year. if you can’t get down to this, then i’d probably think you’re lame...

if you like sirius “chill” and indie-rock their last album was produced by Jesse Miller of Lotus because he believed in it so much. without further ado, here’s Zeitgeist by Damn Right. my #1 pick in 2018 from talent i’m lucky enough to know.

can you catch my vibe?

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