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Have you ever wondered what's its like to be on a shoot with us? We thought so, and that's why this post is solely dedicated to detail, detail, detail.

For most days on set, it takes an army and on behalf of s+s we had our girl Natalia on the front line. She runs our social media and did a killer job when it came to styling the looks. This post is photo heavy because we are slightly obsessed with the album, BUT we also wanted to do our best to give you a glimpse into what its like to plan, organize and execute.

House of Catherine came to Lindsay (s+s founder & designer) about an idea for a bridal shoot and our line, Both Sides Bridal, fit the part. We were stoked to be a part of a project that featured all Philly vendors 🖤. 

STEP 1: Teamwork really does make the dream work. Pick a solid team—work with people you trust and with ones that share your vision. Also, always have a team member there to represent your brand.

Host/Invitations/Setup: House of Catherine
Sticks+Stones: Natalia, Content Creator [this was also important to us because she heavily documented the "behind the scenes." We were able to post live content, create hype around the shoot and keep our fans engaged]

Photos by Carina Romano, Love Me Do Photography

Scout out your location and pick a spot with intention. Map out what you are going for in regards to the shoot/product and find a place that matches your vision. Philly is FULL of amazing places to shoot [and we've shot in a ton], so don't be afraid to ask us for advice/guidance!

Powel House: a Philly landmark. We did our research and many weddings have taken place here, so it was a no brainer. It's timeless, elegant and felt like the perfect contrast to our pieces. We also want to thank House of Catherine for thinking of us first and placing our brand in the right place (teamwork!).

Photos by Carina Romano, Love Me Do Photography

PREP. If your like us, you have at least 10 to-do lists going at all times, but this one is most definitely necessary. Go above and beyond, let your craziness shine. Planning and executing a shoot takes A LOT, so be prepared because at the end of the day it will make your life easier. Don't forget to make a mood board!
Clothing: Geisha House
Inspo: non bridal, frame shoot around getting ready for the big day, the events around it, or for a low-key wedding

s+s Products:
Photos by Carina Romano, Love Me Do Photography

THE SHOOT. Arrive early, unpack and get organized. During the shoot help out as much as you can, give feedback, speak up, follow the shot list and stay hydrated (it's easy to forgot to drink water!)

Photos by Carina Romano, Love Me Do Photography

THE END. Thank your team, clean up the space you used, be patient (photos take time to edit), and most importantly: believe in your vision and others will, too. You're a rockstar.

Photo by Veronika Paluch

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