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we are featuring a bride whose wedding was full of magic, laughter and went way beyond the traditional sense. when talking with her we instantly fell in love with her spirit and her + her husbands unparalleled dance moves.

meet nikki, our favorite new badass lady that moved to her own rhythm on her special day...


BRIDE: Nikki Mitidieri | nikidmiti
GROOM: DJ Glass | deejayglass
PHOTOGRAPHER: Tana Helene Photography | tanahelene
HEADPIECE: Mignonne | mignonnehandmade
BOUQUET: Eastern Floral
JEWELRY: both sides bridal | feather canyon earrings
LOCATION: South Haven, Michigan

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Q: When preparing for your wedding, were you looking for specific jewelry to finish your look? Your dress was simple, yet so elegant. What made these earrings "the ones?"
A: The dress I chose took me by surprise; simple, yet timeless and sexy. Because of the simplicity of it, I really wanted to bring my personality out in the accessories; something big, bold, bohemian and stylish. The design of the Feather Canyon Earrings embodied all of these things, which made them the perfect choice for what the look I was wanting to achieve.

Q: We watched a glimpse of your wedding video on your Instagram and it made us want to jump up + dance with everyone forever and ever. We'd also like to point out that that might not be the kind of song people would associate with a wedding (which is why we love it). Why did you choose it and would you say it served as the foreground to your special day?
A: Polo + Pan! Man, they are a fun band! My husband and I have an eclectic taste in music and wanted songs throughout our day we actually listen to and enjoy, versus sappy love tunes. We spent loads of time handpicking each and every song that was played throughout the day, finding just the right music for the type of vibe we wanted to put out – 

Q: What vibe were you going for on your wedding day?
A: Our goal was to bring California’s style to the Mid-West! I grew up in Michigan, but my husband is California born and raised. I love natural tones, lots of greenery, and wanted pops of gold to tie it all together. Most importantly, we wanted to insert a piece of who we are into each and every detail of the day and share that with our guests, so they could really get a taste of who we are as individuals and as a couple.

Q: Give us a glimpse into your special day! Do you have a favorite memory?
A: During the planning process, our number one ‘must have’ was to be able to house everyone on the same grounds as the ceremony & reception, having one big adult sleepover for the weekend. We had so many friends and family coming in from California, and it was important to me to have Lake Michigan be our backdrop to give them all a taste of what a Michigan summer is all about. The day was warm, a best friend married us, the whiskey & cigars were a plenty, and the last person stopped dancing at 3am.

What stands out to me the most was the energy during dinner. There really was a different kind of magic in the air (really though - at one point, Monarch butterflies were flying around inside the tent - and not intentionally) Everyone seemed to be on cloud 9 along with us. We had old Jazz songs playing, and at one point everybody was yelling & singing along to ‘That’s Amore’ by Dean Martin. It was SO silly & fun. You could really reach out and feel the love that was beaming out of my parents. I’ve never seen them so happy and my dad’s speech brought down the house!!!

Another favorite moment was the formation of the biggest conga line I had ever seen, to ‘Jump in the Line’ (shake Senora) by Harry Belafonte. All the smiles from our friends and family coming together with the incredible sunset. It was the happiest moment of my life.

Q: How did you are your husband meet?
A: In the fall of 2012, I was a fresh new face in the big exciting city of San Francisco. A month in, I landed my first job interview – the hiring manager, you ask? My new husband. We quickly established a platonic working relationship and knowing I was new to the city, he started extending the invite to join he and his friends on weekend activities. It was fun night, after fun night, after fun night and we quickly got to see the authentic side to one another. It’s really when we thought – why couldn’t this be something? And be became inseparable.

Q: We loved the simplicity behind your wedding and your overall style. We especially love the arch you two got married under. Was it handmade? Tell us everything we need to know!
A: The triangle was built by my father and DJ just a few days before the wedding! I knew I wanted something large & unique, and it turned out better than expected & special to have this handmade piece be the starting point for us as husband and wife. There are loads of things the triangle symbolizes, but for DJ and I, it was all about resilience. We have fought for our love and have built a life of our own - not following the crowd, not keeping up with the Joneses. Only doing what is right for us.

Q: We did some research AKA creeping, and saw you went to Burning Man for your honeymoon. Tell us how the plan came to be and what it was like to experience as newlyweds. This is a first for us!
A: Our Burning Moon!! We’ve gone to the event the past 5 years, which always takes place the last weekend of August – just 7 days after our wedding weekend. Earlier in the year, the two of us had done a big trip to Indonesia together and we thought – you know, we already did a big trip, why not go back to our happy place and continue the celebration with all of our friends, as newlyweds? I won’t lie – it took A LOT of planning & energy leading up to both. There were moments I thought we should change our mind, but the week ended up being our favorite year at Burning Man, yet. Take the high of your wedding and couple it with the high of the most magical place on earth with your best friends. You’re rewarded with a pretty incredible experience. Our souls were on fire together, and it was the best decision we’ve ever made.

Q: Although we can't see a ton of detail, we became a bit obsessive over your headpiece. How did you choose it and where is it from? Also, what made you want to wear it?
A: My headpiece – gosh did I LOVE that thing! Anytime a costume is in order, I always have some sort of headgear, so naturally, I needed a piece to jazz things up after the veil came off. Flower crowns are indeed beautiful, but I wanted something special – ‘Helen of Troy’ vibes was what I wanted to channel. I scoured Etsy for months, trying every search term I could think of for what I envisioned, and that’s when I found Mignonne Handmade, located in Pepieux, France.

Q: And just for fun, we love your dance moves and the magic you and your husband seem to create together — is this the energy that brought you two together or was this just for wedding day? Any/all details apply.
A: Ah – I love this question!! It’s very fair to say music was the energy that brought us together, as the foundation of my husband I’s relationship was really built on connecting through music. The first several years together were spent attending hundreds of concerts & festivals, dancing & traveling all around the world with our friends. In all honesty, I had never met anyone like him, and it was really his energy that brought me to life when we first met.

Q: Did we see a silent disco at your wedding? This is another first for us.... ^^^
A: Want to know how to beat a 12am noise curfew?? THROW A SILENT DISCO IN THEIR FACE AND CONTINUE THAT PARTY! ☺

Q: If a bride was looking to finish their wedding look would you recommend Both Sides Bridal and/or s+s?
A: Want to stand out even more on your wedding day? Shop Sticks + Stones/Both Sides Bridal!!

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