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CBD is all the rage, but just like everything there is good and there is bad. meaning, be careful what you're buying; quality is key and that is why we went straight to one of our favorite sources. meet Christi of Ellister's Elixirs —as her story reads on her site: "Ellister's Elixirs is a collection of Organic, plant-based Skincare and Holistic Wellness Products, handmade in small batches by owner Christi Albert." you can read more about EE here: Our Story 

once you do, we think you'll understand why we find her to be a very trusted [and badass] source. anyway, since we are all about self care, women empowerment and natural remedies we thought YOU would want to know more about CBD and other natural remedies through our breakdown: mind, body, mood/spirit + health, and what products are best for each. we had the pleasure of talking with Christi who shared with us her [what seems to be] endless knowledge and true passion for CBD, skincare and holistic wellness products.

warning: don't be mad at us if you want to buy EVERYTHING (bc you should). PSA: one of Lindsay's favorite products is the CBD Infused Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller


"Incorporating CBD into your daily routine can be beneficial on multiple levels. The most obvious being that Hemp has superplant powers on a chemical level in our bodies. It keeps us alkaline (aka an undesirable zone for cancer cells to grow), provides antioxidants and healthy fats to keep our skin glowing, balances neurotransmitters to reduce stress and anxiety, while also protecting the cells in our brain that cause neuro-degenerative disorders, and on top of all that, it helps to reduce pain in our joints, bones, nerves and hormonal cycles. Outside of the science, combining CBD with a daily ritual—like applying a facial serum, rolling on an essential oil blend, or giving yourself a little self pleasure—builds in time for self care every day. All of these moments you take for yourself will help you to slow down, nurturing your body, mind and soul."

         a breakdown of Ellister's Elixirs' products

MIND- relaxation + aromatherapy
1. Mahadevi Roller: Perfect for relaxation and hormone balance, it can be applied to wrists, soles of feet or behind the ears before bed. A combination of Clary Sage, Lavender and Chamomile are perfectly soothing, with a Rose Quartz Applicator to enhance feelings of self love and security.
2. Shambhala Roller: Meaning "Place of Peace" in Sanskrit, this blend takes you there. Sacred Frankincense and Calming lavender, with strengthening Black Onyx applicator.
3. Ashwagandha: An Ayurvedic herb that can be taken daily to promote relaxation and stamina. An energizing yet relaxing effect, perfect to take in the mornings.
BODY- pleasure, hormone balance + face 
1. CBD Infused Personal Lubricant paired with the Yoni Egg or Pleasure Wand with libido promoting essential oils and stimulating cannabinoids: Enhances pleasure while giving a natural option for lubricant. The Pleasure wand can help you become more connected with yourself, helping you shed past sexual emotions and create space for self love and pleasure. The Yoni Egg can help strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor, making sex more pleasurable.
2. Women's Hormone Balancing Moon Serum: Best applied topically to breasts, abdominal area and lower back. Helps to alleviate hormonal discomfort while working to balance hormones. In a Moon Shaped Vial, laced with blue tansy for added relaxation and magic.
3. Rose Quartz Anti-Aging Eye Roller: Apply in a figure 8 around your eyes as a nightly ritual. Rose Quartz applicator stimulates blood flow. Made with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich cannabinoid oil and plant based retinoic acid. Works wonders on eyes (and face too!).

MOOD/SPIRIT- tinctures, being in tune with yourself
1. Cacao Kava TIncture: Sacred Cacao, blended with ultra calming Kava Kava Root and CBD Honey. Helps to alleviate anxiety and stress, best to follow with a meditative practice for deepened effects.
2. Pacha Mama Roller Blend: Palo Santo, Rosewood and Bergamot combine to take you to the jungles of South America. Topped with Heart Opening Aventurine.
3. White Sage Hydrosol Spray: Locally distilled White Sage, use as a cleansing body and room spray. Lovely as a facial mist to decrease stress and uplift mood.

HEALTH- overall physical + mental health
1. CBD Infused Honey: One of my favorites because you can add to any type of herbal tea, combining with whatever your needs are in that moment. You can also combine into a facial mask! You can taste the full spectrum of terpenes from the hemp plant, giving is layers and layers of deliciousness.
2. Copper Tongue Scraper: A great way to incorporate Ayurveda into your daily routine. Use after brushing teeth to keep breath fresh and improve taste. Copper is antibacterial and self cleaning which is why we use it!
3. Triphala Powder: Can be used as a dry massage powder or added to warm water and taken as a nightly tonic. Keeps GI tract healthy and one of the only Ayurvedic herbs recommended for daily use.

we hope you feel as empowered as we do. after all, knowledge is power and we want nothing but the best for our ladies. we encourage you to share this post with your besties + loved ones because you never know who you might help. and remember, treat yo'self, too!

*hint* the holidays are approaching! use the code STICKSTONECBD for 15% off Ellister's Elixirs' products [valid through thanksgiving].

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