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the number one reason i love working for s+s is because i get to work with the most badass chicks in the game. last week [if you've been paying attention] we hardcore crushed on our newest collab with chelsea leopold, so this week we interviewed her. we asked her questions about her designs, her personal life and what keeps her motivated. dig in + celebrate all the boss ladies in your life 👑

Q: Where did your design inspo come from with your recent collab with s+s?
CL: My design inspiration for this collaboration was the musicians the bags were named after. I tried to make the most iconic graphics that would represent each separately while still adding my own personal artistic style.

Q: You + Lindsay have known each other now for a few years — tell us what that relationship is like and what it was like to work with her.
CL: Ever since I met Lindsay we’ve been supporting each other and our businesses. We’ve been trying to do a collaboration like this for a while and finally made something happen. Working with her has been great, we’re able to bounce ideas off each other and give honest feedback.
Q: Your art evokes powerful, individual women — do you always keep that in mind when doing collabs with other brands? How did that shine through when working with s+s. Give us all the deets/feels!
CL: Thanks! I always try to keep the other brand in mind when working on a collaboration. The final product needs to feel like a group effort.  It was really easy to come up with these concepts for s+s because Lindsay designs really strong and edgy pieces made for the modern day badass. She made it super easy to blend our styles together to create these three amazing pieces.

Q: On a more personal note, where does your inspo come from within your art? What do you want others to take away from it?
CLA lot of my inspiration for my own work comes from mood, whether it be mine or a photograph that I’m moved by. For a few years now, I’ve been “messing” up my work—taking it from being a portrait to something a bit less tangible.  When people view my work I want them to feel chaos and peace, and the ability to realize when one turns into the other.
Q: As an artist, what is it like to think that other people are rocking your creations? For example, in this recent collab with s+s someone is rocking what you helped create in a functional way... what is that like for you or am I looking too far into this?
CL: Knowing people are rocking my creations is really fulfilling, especially if it can help give them confidence. A lot of my own personal style is wearing what makes me feel good and I hope when people wear/carrying these bags they’re feeling the same.
Q: What do you want others to know about your art?
CL: I try not to tell people too much about my decision making in my art because I want them to take away their own genuine reaction to it. There is no wrong take away.

Q: What advice would you give to someone as far as putting yourself out there? Sometimes, showing off your work in the social media world can be scary, what have you learned?
CL: I remember when my instagram was only my dog because I didn’t like the fact that anyone could access what I chose to put on the web. It wasn’t until a few years ago I decided to make it public and add my art, which made me really anxious at first. But in all honestly, it really motivates me now to keep going.  Even when I first started, it blew my mind that someone in London was asking me questions or giving me drawing tips. My advice: if you want to put yourself out there, just fucking do it. And be unapologetic you when you do.

Q: Dish out some details about yourself — Who are you? Where do you live? Who is your biggest inspiration? What is your style like? Give us one interesting fact.
CLI’m currently living in sunny San Diego as an art director. I work full-time, working well past 7pm only to come home to do more work. Dreams can’t be rushed, but they also can’t be forgotten about, no excuses. My personal style is a lot like my art, a weird blend of put together & a mess. One interesting fact [but also I should probably figure out] is that I’m constantly saying the number 4 to myself. Maybe it means something, maybe it’s some combination of a command I use on the computer when designing that’s just engraved in my brain, maybe it’s mild OCD, who knows.
Q: After this collab, are you looking forward to doing more in the future?
CL: I’m actually in the middle of another collaboration right now. I don’t want to give too many details away right now, but stay tuned!
Q: s+s represents bold, bright, sexy and confident women, what is it like to be a part of the team? What are the other ladies like that you get to work with?
CL: I loved being part of the brave and confident team of lady badasses linds put together.

to keep up w chels, follow her insta. this badass babe is making a name for herself, and fast! you can also buy her [very limited] designs right now on s+s:


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