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if you're like me and you've hated milk since you were little, you personally chose (choose) to go with a milk alternatives AKA nut milks. BUT if you're also like me, you are frequently disturbed (and by frequent i mean every time you pull your carton out of the fridge) by the long list of "ingredients" on the back... most of which i can't make out without butchering the actual pronunciation. why not just almonds and water. or coconut and water?

WELL, turns out it can be that simple, you just can't be lazy and must somewhat enjoy being in your kitchen. i have always been a health nut and love trying new recipes. when they work out, what i love even more is sharing them with my friends. as our bodies change with age it's important to be aware of what you're fueling yourself with and although sometimes scary, accept what is and do your best to move on with nourishment and self love.

this past weekend i tried out a fun new DIY and made my own coconut milk. it's really easy in the sense that there are only a few ingredients and it only became hard when i suddenly had coconut flakes all over my cabinet handles. that may be a bit dramatic, but i'd be lying if i didn't mention that it was a bit messy. BUT hear me out, it was worth it. and coconut flakes kind of look like snow so it was pretty, do you agree?

follow below for my step-by-step and give it a try. the sun goes down early and it's hard not to get sad, so get busy in your kitchen and give you body [and mind] some love!

gather all of the kitchen items you need! (as listed above). i only have a ninja, so when blending my coconut + water i split it into two batches.

add 2 cups of shredded coconut to 4 cups of filtered water. i used my large mason jar, but use what you have! just make sure you have a lid. let the mixture sit on the counter for 4 hours. i didn't do it overnight, but if you run out of time i see no harm in doing so.

i didn't take a photo of the next step... mostly bc my hands were covered in coconut. first, i put my cheesecloth over my mason jar and used a rubberband to secure it around the neck of my mason jar. next, the blending! like mentioned, i blended my mixture in two batches since the ninja is a little smaller than a regular bender. blend until coconut and water look creamy (note that you will still be able to see some coconut). take that creamy mixture and slowly poor it into your mason jar (right through the strainer). i had to use a spoon to push the coconut down to make sure i was getting all my liquid. this was the part that got a little repetitive, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

once you got all your coconut milk strained you are done! stays good in your fridge up to 4 days.
*i add my honey when i am using my milk. for example: if i'm having coffee in the morning i add my honey to taste. i only chose to do it this way because i wasn't sure what i'd be using my milk for and i don't always love sweet. NOW, if you know what you like, then i'd recommend adding your honey (or dates) when you first start blending!

i am queen of multi-tasking: SO when i'm having my coffee in the morning i am also getting ready for my day, hence my s+s bracelets [i always pair them with my every day looks]. this morning i poured my coconut milk into my coffee and over my granola, SO GOOD— if i don't say so myself...

will you try? let us know + send us your coconut milk photos. we are officially obsessed and our ingredient list is only a 1/4 of what you see on the store-bought brands!

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