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How is it February? I hope everyone had a good New Year, mine has been shit show so far but it can only get better from here with music leading the way. Here are some of my favorite new songs I've found this year and some of my classic favorites I can't stop spinning.

It was love at first listen with my new favorite band Pip Blom. I had their single "School" on repeat after I first heard it and I will never get sick of it. I can't wait to get lost in my fandom for this band and you should too:


I had always wanted to see The Magic Gang live after first hearing their music. Luckily, last summer I was able to catch them at Bestival (the actual best festival though) in England and they were one of my favorite shows. Their new track, "How Can I Compete" will get stuck in your head and you won't want it to get out. The song is from their upcoming EP aptly titled EP Three. 


Colin Caulfield of DIIV released a great new single for his self-titled solo project called "Bullshit" with a promise of more new music soon! I can't wait because this song is the shit (see what I did there?):


I have an insane friend crush on Tash Sultana. This Australian goddess plays about 5000 instruments, creates entire landscapes of sound you can get lost in, and her voice is unlike anyone else on this planet. She just announced world tour dates including a Philly show on June 2nd at The Fillmore! Make sure you have a mop nearby to clean yourself up on the floor after hearing her guitar solo in this:


Yonaka is such a badass band and I am obsessed with their lead singer. Her vocals are insane and I can't get enough of their new track "Run". 


The Vaccines are back with a super fun new single "I Can't Quit." The UK rockers announced the release date for their upcoming album Combat Sports due out March 3rd! 


This year, we sadly lost lead singer of The Fall, Mark E Smith. If you haven't listened to The Fall before start here and keep going. The Fall- Totally Wired: 


Another throwback track I can't get enough of is by one of my favorite bands, The Dandy Warhols. The lyrics of "We Used to be Friends" get more and more relevant the older I get. Listen now and you'll probably feel the same way: 


Philly band Chvnce released their groovy AF new single "Sunshine Fever" that makes you wanna ride through the top down (which is a much needed winter escape). Check out the video now: 


Jono Ma (from Jagwar Ma) and DREEMS linked up to create "Can't Stop My Dreaming (Of You)", which I can't stop listening to. The single is their first release from their collaborative EP The Dreemas which is out now! 




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