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this week we have a guest blogger, arianna AKA mother/lover. she's badass, funny and the best guide when it comes to giving [last minute] gifts... in our opinion.

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Hi there —

You were going to be “on top of shit” this year. You were going to be creative, maybe even crafty and DIY. Well, here we are. It’s mid-December and all you have to show for it is your festive manicure and a couple of gifts you ended up buying for yourself while “holiday shopping.” Don’t fret. I did a little digging and found some gems for you to pretend you thought of, all on your own. You’re welcome.

For the friend who is bound to be stopped while strolling the streets of her city to be interviewed on her incredible street style. Of which she probably didn’t even have to think about, because she’s just that good.

A scarf is a scarf is a scarf. Not according to this game changer. It’s rustic, edgy and functional af. It’s everything your Grandma wouldn’t put into her knitted treasures. I’m crazy for the way the fringe is seemingly unfinished and even crazier over the bold neutral. Yes, please. [Brushed Blanket Scarf - $118]


Because a good fashionistas fingers are never in the nude. A statement ring like this is a real lady killer. I’m actually writing this from my coffin because I am dead after seeing it. It screams at the masses from your phalanges like it’s part of a Yeezy fashion show...totally simple, yet you can’t manage to look away. Nope, still staring. [Both Sides Bridal, Sadie Ring - $40]

For the loveable one, with flowers in her hair. She’s a little bit Woodstock and a lotta bit LA.

Two is better than one, is what they say. So why not splurge and save money. Peep these two retro inspired necklaces, in a darling box set. Buy the pair and save $30 bucks. That makes for a happy giftee and gifter alike! Not to mention these beauties could make even Janis herself swoon. Major heart eyes! [The Bolo Box - $117]


Because one is better than none, is what I say. And just because you’re Broke Betty doesn’t mean your boho babe bestie should have to miss out on this awesome necklace. Go for one for the win! This brilliant necklace will fit right in with her high waist flares and low cut bodysuits. It’s called balance, duh. [Cher Bolo - $65]

For the one that had her shit together and made it seem effortless. She always showed up and always looked like a magazine ad. Now she’s late to everything (if she even arrives at all), covered in some sort of bodily fluid (and I don't mean the fun kind), and goes through a bottle of dry shampoo in a days time.

And you better, cause this baby mama is SUPERWOMAN. And let’s face it, she would never buy this for herself because her spending has shifted focus. She now splurges on miniature Chelsea boots for her three feet tall (well-dressed) tornado instead. It’s her turn. This little care package is a two parter and will give Mama just what she needs. Biossance is liquid straight from the gods, I swear it. Ain’t no party like a self care party! Amiright? [Squalane+Phyto-Retinol Serum - $78 and Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel - $54]


These earrings are not only the perfect pick-me-up present to make her feel human again, but they are also so easy for her to pop on and go, giving her daily momiform a little pep in its very tired step. Help a girl out. Do it. [Howlite Nugget Studs - $35]

For the gal in your life that can never happy hour with you because she’s always in the office making money moves.

Okay. This bag is totally listed as a male option. (For those of you looking for your boy beau. Can you say, check?!) But dammit, don’t men get enough? I’m reclaiming this piece for the LADIES in the place with style and grace...that work 60 hour work weeks and are sick of juggling it all. This bag fits a laptop, work shit, make up bag, wallet...you name it! And even has a side pocket for easy access to the much needed coffee canteen. It’s a little “man of the house-ish,” but let’s face it...so is she. Cha Ching! [Ray Backpack - $230]


Because you definitely don’t make as much money as she does. But she doesn’t have to know that! This necklace is the be-all-end-all of everyday jewelry. It goes exceptionally well with a slightly unbuttoned button down and truly compliments nearly any style. And it’s only around 3000 pennies. That’s $30...for those of you that skipped math class. Done and done! [Prism Pendant - $31]

Didn’t see your giftee in any of the cleverly stereotyped categories above? I’ve got you covered. Here’s a section for the misfits.

This hand painted beauty is not messing around. It’s fun, flirty and so ready to conquer the night with you. Total plus that by grabbing this bag, you’ll be supporting not one, but two female powered businesses. Need I say more? [Painted Joplin - $220]

So, this is totally not a new concept, as imposters have been floating around for a few years now. But a classic Polaroid camera with its once beloved instant film is definitely a crowd pleaser. If it traveled through time in decades, you know you can’t go wrong. [Polaroid Camera - $120]

I have these boots. I love these boots. They are the most complimented pair of shoes I have ever owned. Maybe the most complimented thing I have ever owned. They were also a gift, which I am most grateful for. And would like to thank myself for picking them out as said gift. Totally not suggesting you gift these to yourself, and definitely suggesting you suggest these as a gift for yourself. Wink, wink. [Clara Boot - $360]


The Joni is everything you want in a bangle. It comes in two colors, Rose for the light hearted dame in you life and Onyx for the one looking to match her entirely black wardrobe to her charmingly black heart. Hey, or you could grab both for the indecisive chick that never showed up to the holiday party because she couldn’t figure out what to wear. [Joni Rose and Joni Onyx - $60]

Rescue your friend from her plastic monstrosity of a coffee mug and gift her with the goddess of reusable drinkware. It will keep her coffee hot for up to 12 hours and will look good while doing it. [Swell Insulated Travel Mug - $35]

Jade rollers crept into the beauty world slowly, but are spreading like wildfire. If your gal pal doesn’t have one, share the love! Oh and PS: Keeping your pretty new tool on display is mighty tempting, but take it to the next level by placing it in the freezer while it’s not in use. Ahhhh…pamper level 10. [Jade Roller - $34]

I feel like sunglasses are heavily forgotten during the winter months. Something to do with the change of seasons, I suppose. But that’s just plain silly, seeing as the sun shines all year long. So check out these totally delectable specs. Classic shapes like this (along with those giant bug eyed shapes) are making a huge come back in 2019. Le Specs and Quay are two perfectly on-trend brands for the steady broke bitch with most styles under $100. [Le Specs Cat Eye Sunnies - $59]

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There you go, my procrastinating friend. And if none of this works, a surprise Venmo payment is never unwelcome. Happy shopping!


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