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Hey there! Lindsay here. 

Sometimes when I design, I get too caught up in what my favorite trends are, what's selling currently, what's sold in the past, what colors are hot, what's GONNA be hot... I forget how to be resourceful! 

Earlier today I made this quiz full of all the ideas/questions that run through my head on a daily basis such as.. "Do they want more styles in total, or more color options available?", "Does my customer miss out on gold jewelry?", "Am I on the right track?". Most people in my world would never say these things out loud. Why? Well because we're supposed to set the trends, and be confident in the decisions we make. Fashion people are essentially God right? Just ask them, they'll tell you.. LOL. 

For me, I don't have a retail store (thank God), but with that I feel like I miss out on having conversations about my products, trends, and price-point, and unless it's negative feedback, I never get any! So here's the chance... plz plz plz take this 2 minute survey + see your opinions come into fruition! Feel free to write in your thoughts on any of the questions that allow you to do so! GRACIAS :) 

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