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 in the past year, i have flown in and out of LAX 23 times. completely insane, right? weirdly, living out of a suitcase is when i'm the happiest. although i hate being out of my routine, i find peace in having only essentials with me to "declutter" my life. at this point, i am a legit pro at fitting all my shit into a carry-on. here's how i do it.. 

an expandable carry-on is key! i have the one i posted and it's pretty bomb. it's currently on sale too! it has lots of separators, and grows as you need it to which is perfect for shopping. the laptop area has savedddddd my shoulders + made it super easy to run while late through terminals. i also feel like a genius when i overstuff this, and know it won't fit in the overhead bin but bring it through anyways to skip the $25 baggage fee.

free your hands + take care of your body.  i am going to push the leela backpack here, because i made it for this purpose! backpacks are comfortable, and are WAY better for your spinal health than a tote-bag. IF they're cute, they also function as a larger handbag. you can have all your shit all day long for travel/beach/shopping + easily transition into small bag later.  

okk so now bring your "good" bag. keep it light, and choose 1 that can go to dinner, or a nightclub. a cross-body is usually what i go for. 

SPEND THE MONEY ON THIS NOW + BE SO HAPPY LATER.  packing toiletries sucks. they take up so much room + are never carry-on approved. and if you're like me, you need to have all your products. sephora has the BEST travel section. invest in travel-size, everything. i have a bag under my sink where i keep the tiny versions of my faves + stash all my samples. i don't allow myself to bring anything else, besides makeup. it's a major time + space saver. 

in case you didn't already need another reason to get a one-piece this season, here's another... it doubles as a top. more #multifunctional please. 

DUH! statement jewelry FTW. take your baggy tee, tie it in a knot to the side + throw on a giant necklace + you suddenly look put together + fabulous. 

you can shop my vaca essentials by clicking the photo. hope this was helpful for you! 


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  • Katrina: June 15, 2017

    i want to buy the carry-on, Leela backpack, and the Christian Leboutin bag… I also want to go to Sephora and buy travel size supplies…great blog!!
    Looking forward to the next one!!

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