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A LITTLE INTRO: Since all things music are SUCH A HUGE part of my brand, inspiration + life, I feel like it's time to add in some playlists, concert reviews + lifestyles behind music scenes. Who better to kick this off? Cheryl Dunn, blogger from My Life in Sound. I met Cheryl + instantly thought she was cool AF. Every time she posts, I think "Why can't I be hanging with her listening to this RN?!" We were both meant for a different generation. 

My name is Cher and I love music just a little too much. I write a music blog based out of Philly called mylifeinsound and I am super stoked to be working with Lindsay and sticks + stones to bring you some of my favorite new music. Hit me up on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook to talk music and send me your favorite songs. 

Mylifeinsound's Weekly Top 10!

This week I want to share some of my favorite new and classic tracks to get you through your work week, work out, and get you ready for your weekend.

Released last week via Domino Recordings, one of my favorite new bands Hookworms released their new single "Negative Space" taken from their new album Microshift due out February 2nd 2018. This exciting new band from Leeds will get your blood pumping and body moving (even if you're stuck at a desk) so listen with caution...or don't and just get the party started at your workplace. 

NYC's Sunflower Bean released an epically nostalgic new track "I Was a Fool" that I literally cannot stop listening to. I love Julia Cummings (vocals/bass) voice and the back and forth between her and Nick Kivlen (vocals/guitars) in this track is mesmerizing and heart wrenching, like a new age Fleetwood Mac. Can't stop listening to this track either? Download it now here!

Glam Rock band Uni released a new weird and wonderful music video directed by the band's founder, songwriter and bassist Charlotte Kemp Muhl for their new track "Adult Video".


London-based band of babes Dream Wife realized their new single "Let's Make Out" from their upcoming self-titled debut album due out January 26th 2018. You can pre-order your copy now here!


I had to include one of my favorite tracks from The Internet's Steve Lacy. "Dark Red" is from his demo which you can get now here. After I first heard this track, I must have listened to it at least 1000 times a day for a week on repeat. Check out this track and dive into everything else he's ever written, because it was hard enough to just pick one of his tracks to feature!


I also can't get enough of Chicago-based Lance Skiiiwalker and his track "Lover's Lane". His album Introverted Intuition is out now and it's definitely an album you must own so get your copy now here.

When members of one of your favorite bands form another band, you check them out. Thankfully, members of one of the raddest (and busiest) Philly-based bands Nothing found some free time to form Death Of Lovers. This new band consisting of singer Domenic Palermo, drummer Kyle Kimball, bassist Nick Bassett and keybordist CC Loo, just dropped their new single "The Absolute" and it is... saxy to say the least. Listen to this epic new track and get your copy of their album The Acrobat now here.

English Rock band Marmozets serve a heavy dose of Rock with each track they released and their new single "Habits" is no different. Listen to the track below and let it give you that extra jolt of energy you need to get through your workout or work week. Pre-order your copy of their upcoming album Knowing What You Know Now due out January 26th via Roadrunner Records here!


Being from Philly, I had to end our list this week with my favorite Philly band Sixteen Jackies. So far the band has released 10 demos and after you hear them you will be refreshing their Bandcamp page daily for more. Or is that just me? Either way listen to their track "Open The Door" below and get your tickets to their show with Deadfellow and Fake Fight at Johnny Brenda's November 24th here

Vintage Pick: You love vintage clothes so why not remember this epic vintage track? This next one goes out to the babe in Stanger Things dressed as Siouxsie Sioux. I love Siouxsie and the Banshees and if you already know and love their music great, either way listen to "Kiss Them For Me" below and let it guide you into a youtube worm hole of amazing music, live shows and interviews with Siouxsie and The Banshees, one of the greatest bands of all time. 

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