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A LITTLE INTRO: First, let me welcome you to the Small Business Series I developed from the number of emails, and DM's I receive as an interactive small brand. Some are from other brands just starting out. Some are my friends asking about Facebook ads, and promotion. Some are my customers who want to increase their abilities in creative services. So I was like..why not put it together on the blog?! Check back monthly for new tips + ideas for your business! 

Jen + Joe of All Packaging Solutions have been a part of the sticks + stones brand from the very beginning. Here's how...  My good friends at Illadelph Glass are creators of oversized, oddly-shaped, extremely delicate product (like myself) which means, they were no stranger to the DISASTER of finding packaging that fits, ships well, and still looks branded. Apparently, necklaces wider than ten inches across are NOT the norm.. Black packaging is NOT either. Cuffs that stand three inches high and 5 inches across.. nope not NORMAL. I was EXHAUSTED. I had no options. I asked everyone I knew. And yes, a glass bong company is who my connection ended up being. Thank you stoners! 



Joe Ricci's ability to understand the need for perfection in how a brand of ANY size presents themselves is UNBELIEVABLE. From Illadelph Glass, to sticks + stones, to NET-A-PORTER, their product range is tailored to your needs + cost! Enjoy! 


Packaging Design

Choosing the right type of packaging can be tricky! People often don’t realize how involved packaging can be! There are several things to consider while designing your packaging type. At All Packaging Solutions we do all of the hard work for you. Give us the product and any ideas you have and we will come up with the best solution for your brand We will show you the best materials, give you the most options, and most importantly, provide you with the best service out there!


Some Things to consider:

  • Goals- The most important thing to remember is that the packaging you choose is going to be the customer's first impression of your product and brand. So looks are everything! You also need to decide your main goal: Protection or aesthetic. 
  • Research- We always suggest doing some research to give us some idea of what you're looking for. Materials can include anything from corrugated, varieties of foam, bubble wrap, foam wrap, many types of  bags, and even wood! You also need to decide if there is printing involved. If so-  we need artwork with colors specified. This costs a one time plate fee. 



  • Outer vs inner packaging -The outer packaging is the part that everyone sees first. This may or may not be protective. This is what you ship in, or what you inside box is! The inner packaging is what keeps the product safe inside. It can be tissue paper, foam, or even bubble products. It depends on how you want to present your product to the customer.
  • Budget - packaging can be costly! Come prepared with a budget and quantity to purchase! The best looking packaging will cost you!  We will do our best to get you cost effective options in your price range.  Be open minded, and think outside of the box! Allow yourself to go a little under or over what you may have planned!


  • Volume - the higher the volume the less you will spend!  Small volumes make it hard for packaging companies to be competitive in pricing. But don't worry, either is workable, and there are always options available! 
  • One time costs - there will be the occasional one time fee. For example, the actual designing of the packaging may have a cost, as well as plate charges for printing. 

For questions + inquiries, reach us at: All Packaging Solutions

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