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what is the best thing about working closely with a small, self-made brand? you get the real [real] inside scoop. to work with lindsay means to give it all you got. she has built s+s from scratch and is quite literally, living her dream. for any business lady looking for some guidance and inspiration, this post is for you. lindsay is driven, compassionate and beyond supportive when it comes to helping others make their visions a reality. why? because she lives it, breathes it, and will be the first to tell you it isn't easy, BUT worth it. we invite you to come inside her mind and learn about the badass chick behind the brand.

Q: what has been your favorite piece to rock this summer?
A: i would definitely have to say my favorite item this summer has been the stevie in onyx. it conforms to the wrist and can be dressed up or down. i feel like even if i’m doing yoga i can still wear it, or if i have no other jewelry on, it’s valid and casual.

when you travel, what is your must have s+s piece that always makes it into your suitcase? and just for fun, what else is a MUST have?
A: 💯 i always bring the leela backpack in gunmetal bc i’m a silver girl. i love it bc it’s perfect for the plane, can fit all my junk and doesn’t weigh me down. then if i have to walk around a city or go hiking, i don’t need two bags. in general, i always have my entire skincare and vitamin collection despite the weight it adds because they’re two things i will not leave home without. one pair of sneakers, yoga clothes, a few tees, jeans, a leather jacket and jewelry.

Q: has there been any major changes to the brand this summer?
A: yes, definitely! this summer has been totally wild for me personally, which absolutely translates to the brand. this last year i have been 100% focused on s+s. in june, i switched industries (outside corporate fashion) and started working full time again. this leaves me less free time for social media, the blog and planning branded events. so i’ve added a few key girls to the staff, and have had the ability to really grow those areas because i’m less involved, and they aren’t my specialty any ways. 

Q: you have had a lot of fan shoutouts on instagram latelyare there any photos and/or boss ladies you've been particularly inspired by? give us some insight into what its like to see badass women wearing your stuff!
A: you know it’s pretty cool! i think it’s always been a thing for me seeing product i've worked on in public having worked at bigger fashion companies, but when it’s yours, and you’re a small brand, it’s pretty wild, and super flattering. some weeks there are over 30 tagged photos of girls wearing my shit and i'm having a bad week—feeling like a failure in some regard—and seeing their posts is a major reality check. i can’t choose a particular fan or inspiration recently, that would be playing faves. 

Q: what advice would you give to someone who wants to branch out on their own? you've built such a powerful brand, what are you top 5 survival tips?
A: (1) work for a corporation or large scale operation and learn the business. there are so many parts you can’t teach yourself. i've been so lucky to know the ins and outs of manufacturing, production and design because i’ve done it at a big level. 
(2) have the toughest skin ever. I generally don’t have emotions related to my work.
(3) be nice to everyone, you’re not above anything, you never know who will help you, support you, or promote you.
(4) continue working so you have real income and can support yourself. sales are generally shit in the beginning.
(5) don’t rely on your friends and family to be your sales.

Q: summer is almost over, what is one thing that's on your list that you haven't done yet, but you are definitely going to do? what s+s piece will most likely be with you?
A: i’m going to portugal at the end of august and i’m so excited about it! i'm absolutely bringing some new pieces to photograph in beautiful new locations... stay tuned!! 


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  • Halle: August 16, 2018

    s+s is a such a cool brand! Congrats I love what u have done!

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