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one of our favorite parts about summer and holiday season is that all movie and tv releases are positioned accordingly. winter—fine it makes sense. summer— everyone’s out doing things... but if you’re like us you may like to take a night off (or five) after work and have a good ole tv night to zone out from the world and tell yourself, “i deserve this.”

here’s ours top shows to watch or catch up on that hit the screen over the past few months:

1 // SHARP OBJECTS - a mini series with Amy Adams about small-town murders. creepy AF. disturbing. a complete mind-fuck. Amy Adams felt the role was so intense, and hard for her emotionally that she could not sign on for another season. written perfectly, with a rather interesting ending. the characters individually and collectively have insane amounts of depth. short + sweet or short + sick. you decide.
watch: a full binge, 8 episodes
comments: not before bed
on: HBO
2 // JERSEY SHORE REUNION - do you need to kill some brain cells + just get away from anything with meaning? this is it. this hour goes by so much faster with the meatballs as adults. they’re so much funnier now. i wasn’t a fan before, but this was a major reality check for me. wow, i am an adult and seem pretty normal. wow, i get paid shit in comparison to these assholes.
watch: when you’re wasting time
comments: how is Ronnie real? he needs to be put to sleep
on: MTV
3 // THE STAIRCASE - a mini docu-series about a husband, wife and their staircase. did he push her? did she fall? how did she die? watch the case unfold. it starts slow, but after episode 3, it’s really an emotional rollercoaster and an inside look at the judicial system in the USA. if you’re into crime docs, this is for you.
watch: anytime
comments: 9/10 will love this.
on: Netflix
4 // SUCCESSION - getting into a new show is a great feeling. I was really surprised and sad that not too many people I know started watching this show this season. maybe HBO did a bad job with previews or promotion, but this is hype-worthy. every. single. episode. i was on the edge of my seat eager to know what was going to play out in each storyline. i rarely feel this way, especially in season 1. succession is about a rich, famous, and powerful family who owns a media conglomerate. weirdly, you begin to feel for the 1% in this portrayal. characters battle insecurity, alpha masculinity… yet you can’t take your eyes off of them. it is hard to pick a favorite character, although i really do love Kieran Culkin.
watch: binge this.
comments: give this 2-3 episodes... plz
on: HBO
5 // ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK - before you roll your eyes, hear me out! I like to think of myself as a “dedicated for life” type of fan. although lindsay and i disagree on this, this past season wasn’t bad. it was slow to start, but pulled through in the end. i can’t get into too much detail without spoiling it for those who didn’t watch [yet], but GIVE IT A SHOT. do it for all the badass chicks like Taystee and Daya, *hint, hint.
watch: you can try and binge, but i did 1-2 episodes a night
comments: get past episode 3 and your golden
6 // THE SINNER - Jessica Biel is BACK… was she ever gone, was she ever a thing? well now she is because this crime drama/mystery tv series is deep, dark and twisted. she plays a young mother with a wildly disturbing past that brings up unfortunate events in her current, monotonous life. much like sharp objects, it’s a true mind-fuck and I felt myself playing detective during every episode. it’s probably just as disturbing that we watch these things, but we can’t get enough and makes for fun phone conversations. am i right?
watch: binge and don’t sleep for one night or don’t binge and risk not sleeping for several nights
comments: did Justin Timberlake watch this show?

7 // HERE AND NOW - surprisingly this is my top show out of this whole list, and I think lindsay would agree. we had countless phone convos about this series and texted like crazy during each episode. listed as a “dark comic series” this show is rooted, challenging, spiritual and REAL AF. based off on what appears to be a model family, the characters (3 adopted, 1 biological) come from different countries and backgrounds, which reflects the multicultural differences they face in their current life and digs at the mysterious past life they each lived. the writing is intricate, thoughtful and just different from anything we’ve ever watched. the model family is pretty f'ed up.
watch: try to not binge it because you’ll never want it to be over
comments: oddly enough, i want to be a part of their family

on: HBO

based off our list you either think we have too much time on our hands or we need therapy because of all the disturbing things we like to watch. JK, we know we're not the only ones... but really, we want to know what you like and if we're into any of the same shows. comment on our insta story and let us know! with love, your s+s ladies <3

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