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my sister use to make fun of me when i would burn CDs because the vibe was always so off—i'd go from a punk song to a beatles song (they have their own genre) to a sad song all within a few minutes. she was right... they never made sense BUT they made sense to me and touched on every moment of my day. my thoughts are scattered, my brain is never settled and my emotions change by the second (i know i'm not the only one).

while making this fall playlist i could hear my sister's voice saying, wtf jessie? it makes me laugh because neither of us have changed a bit. so, i invite you to vibe with me, to explore one emotion to the next and challenge the wtf aspect. am i really all over the place or are we in this together? as we go from summer to fall (one of my favorite transitions as an east coaster) i made a mix that celebrates the warmth of the season; and by warmth i mean that golden light that we all live for. whether you are biking along the schuylkill, stuck on 76, roaming around fishtown as sunspots dance on the sidewalk or escaping for the weekend i hope you enjoy these songs as much as i do. dance. laugh. cry. get lost. and mostly importantly, own your individuality. 

as Chance would say, "i don't want my next album sounding all Usher-y, but i must confess, i must confess..." OR as i would say, "i don't want my next playlist sounding all Usher-y, but i must confess: it's going to because i wear my heart on my sleeve and always come with a part II."

if i had to pick 3 top songs from this list i'd go with:
1. In a Black Out, Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam (i could ride my bike for hours listening to this song, while crying + laughing at the same time)
2. Silver Lining, Mt. Joy (windows down, late afternoon: i will dance in my car and don't care who is watching)
3. 65th & Ingleside, Chance the Rapper (does anyone want to take a road trip to chicago with me?) also, Chance is my current favorite artist, his voice + story are a dream.

click here to listen to the full playlist: feels 

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