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if you live on the east coast then you can relate to our biggest challenge: a winter workout.

how does one stay fit? motivated? and most importantly, how do you do both without having to leave your place? (don't worry, we get out... sometimes)

this last week has been brutal weather-wise [we're talking negatives], but since it's 2019 and we promised ourselves we'd be better—in every which way—we made a plan and we're going to let you in on it. if you're blessed enough to live on the west coast don't stop reading—you can really do these workouts anywhere, yes... that means on the beach.

it's not kanye's workout plan, but we promise it's good. lucky for you we didn't make it up ourselves because we'd count shopping + getting your steps in as exercise.

so hear us out: we found a teacher, she's on YouTube and her lessons are F-R-E-E. we know what you're thinking, she can't be that good, but she is. her channel is called Yoga With Adriene and you can do every type of yoga with her. if you don't already know, now you know. after about 9 months of her lessons i'm a true believer. i can hold a plank for 2 minutes without shaking!

usually i'm a sweat it out, push it to the limit kind of gal, so i had a lot to learn when it came to being more serious about yoga. don't get me wrong, these workouts can be as hard as you want them to be, it just doesn't always feel that way. most of the time i wonder why i'm balancing on one foot while holding out the opposite arm AND THEN a week or so later i feel that much stronger; my core has been awakened. my point is, these workouts are solid and it's all done at your own convenience, wherever you may choose.  

my body is strong + toned, my head is clear, my posture is better, my spirit is light  and i don't need to go to the gym six days a week like i use to. if i do leave my place for a yoga lesson outside in the real world i feel way more confident AKA i'm not the new girl in class.

so until the weather comes around trust us, or at least give it a try. if you hate it, blame us, not adriene because she's pretty badass in our book. watch out 2019 because it's about to go down, dog. don't worry we rolled our eyes at us too, but what's a yoga post without a yoga pun?

if you are just starting out scroll through her yoga videos and find one that works for you on that day. if you want to jump right in we recommend her new series, "Dedicate." it's a 30 day journey and you can start from day one whenever you feel ready. i'm on day twenty-two and look forward to each lesson. it's fun, grounding and you feel like a yoga superstar. 🧘‍♀️


both on sale now!

i always have incense going next to me during a practice + after i love to have smoothie!

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