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if you’re anything like me or the many other northeast winter warriors AKA morons who don’t live in sunshine year-round, you know what its like to be affected by seasonal depression. come january/february (our least favorite months) we’re just about ready sell our souls and move across the country.

winter is the worst... it’s freezing cold outside, gets dark early and hides us from any bit of vitamin d we can get! it’s so tough to stay focused and motivated without getting stuck in a slump from nov-march.

how should we cope—endless orders of takeout, binge-watching tv and hibernation? although it’s easy to let yourself slide into these patterns, it’s better not to lead yourself down a hole, which usually results in self-hate come bathing suit season. here are a few tips to help you stay motivated + survive winter this season:

(1) load up on vitamin d + keep vitamin c readily available
vitamin d is a must. i take it all year, but make sure to never miss a day during the winter months to help with seasonal depression! every time i’m low on sleep, someone around me is sick or the temperature is whack, i take vitamin c.

> > > Nature Made Vitamin D3 5000 IU Ultra Strength Softgels 90 Ct
> > > NOW Vitamin C-1000 Sustained Release, 250 Tablets

(2) get a spray tan regularly or spray tan at home
no joke, this makes me feel like i've went from Ugly Betty to America’s Next Top Model. who wants to look pasty and feel sun deprived? in philly, my go-to is Baked. if you’re lucky enough to drop in, pick up their spray tan mix! if not, i love st. tropez! learn how to put it on and how to choose the right shade for your skin, and then apply!

> > > St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse

(3) workout @ home
i live four blocks from my favorite yoga studio, but in 15 degree weather that is four blocks too far. sometimes you just need to workout at home, the no judgement zone. our last blog post has all the details for DIY yoga. i also love Yoga with Kassandra. make a little studio space with a mat, candles, incense and blankets. substitute bolsters for pillows and buy inexpensive foam blocks on Amazon!

> > > REEHUT Yoga Block

(4) don’t jeopardize your diet... too much
the cold and staying inside makes you want to eat everything in sight. try to buy only healthy food, so you only eat healthy food! the easiest way not to binge is not to have anything BAD to binge on. period. treat your body like you would during the summer! you’ll feel so much better come june and you won’t have to do a crazy crash diet.

(5) buy more plants
can’t be outside in nature? bring it to you. plants eliminate toxins and dust in the air and increase humidity. this year i got super into plants, and have made it a priority to add more to my home. i buy most of my planters at Home Goods. visit STUMP in OH or PA.

(6) make plans to get out of the house
whether it’s a weekend getaway, dinner with old friends or seeing live music... making sure you brave the cold is key! i’ve learned that if i have something to look forward to and plan, the more exciting my dreary weeks are (but don't judge me for not wanting to walk four blocks to yoga... that's different when in a working out mindset)

how are you surviving? LMK!

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