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what else is there to do over the winter time other than binging on tv series and new movies? i guess we could get outside more often, but in the northeast sometimes it's truly a challenge and/or a feat of bravery. we much rather get take out, avoid phone calls+ texts, forget we have a social calendar and dig into to something real good (and we aren't talking about a pint of ben & jerry's).

we did the hard work for you and filtered out the good entertainment from the bad, at least in our opinion. keep in mind that we use the word "bad" very loosely because we're pretty sure some of this stuff is melting our brains, which makes it all the better to watch these days!

VICE [docu-news series on HBO]: it's back on, and it’s hot. under a new female CEO, i’m excited to see what topics are covered, how the handling of news changes and how we can see the overall company move towards a more positive environment outside of news/entertainment. VICE has been a go-to for me since their days of handing out newspapers in NYC so i’m truly excited for this!

BIRDBOX [NETFLIX original film]my dad accidentally clicked this on xmas eve and we were pleasantly surprised! an apocalyptic thriller that kept us on the edge of our seats with zero clue what was to come next (having no preface of what this movie was actually helped the cause). Sandra Bullock won’t be winning an oscar for this, but it was a good [dumb] movie to watch.

CAM [NETFLIX original film]: i read about this movie winning a lot of film festival awards and was interested because of its play on the current climate of social media and our interaction with the internet. i'm also a sick fuck who loves a good thriller. this was shot in a really cool point of view telling the story through different screens: the web cam, the viewers screen, text messages, etc. the new way of storytelling plus the uber colorful set decor made me love this. however, do not pick it as a group movie night. it was me, two untrendy dudes and my internet savvy boyfriend... 2/4 loved it.

THE BILL MURRAY STORIES [NETFLIX documentary]: i wanted to watch this doc because (1) three people i know have met Bill Murray (2) are all of the media jokes about his unusual “meet & greets” accurate? and (3) did these stories have truthfulness? watching this was funny and lighthearted. i never watch things like this and it made me feel good. after 40 mins though, i’m ready to call it quits.

SURVIVING R. KELLY [Lifetime docu-series]: i love a good docu-series— i work in music and i grew up listening to R Kelly... how could i not watch this? to say i’m shocked is an understatement; shocked that as a society we haven’t killed men like him and Harvey Weinstein. we need to know more about situations like this so we can fight against it and aim to get victims voices heard with the hopes that one day we can all live in a more equal society.

BEACH CLUB [MTV reality show]LiLo makes a return to the entertainment world— enough said. was she a lunatic? was she a wasted face? i couldn’t wait... unfortunately, this show made the Jersey Shore look extremely entertaining. she is the true definition of reality star and that alone makes it hard to watch. this is a hard pass for me.

BEAUTIFUL BOY [movie, available for streaming]: since the current entertainment climate is not for the perversion of children (thank god)... i’m hesitant on saying this, BUT Timothy Chamelet would be my dream high school boyfriend. it’s so relevant about the drug crisis the USA and how parents/families have to adapt + deal. it’s an amazing performance and really shows the day in, day out of the effects addiction has.

THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL [AMAZON original sitcom]: after so much hype, my boyfriend and i started watching this. thanks to the recent partnership between amazon/comcast it’s super easy and takes little effort for me to do so. i don’t usually like comedies, but this is so lighthearted and great! Mrs. Maisel shows the entryway for fierce independent women in the 50s and breaks through stereotypes of the female ideal through her sarcastic, jewish humor. can i mention... the fashion?! WOW!

ps: we didn't want to spam you with trailers, so we picked our favorite out of the list!

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